Scope of Services:


AT Traffic Safety Corporation is a transportation engineering company specializing in roadway safety analysis, collision investigation/reconstruction and traffic engineering. This combination of services, while somewhat unusual, provides our clients with expertise and engineering insights from related areas of practice.

In Road Safety Analysis, our assessment of the causal relationships between motor vehicle collisions and road geometry or traffic control elements draws on a systematic review of process, human factors and our collision reconstruction expertise to provide intimate knowledge of how and why things can go wrong.

In collision investigation and reconstruction, the firm has assisted legal counsel and insurers in more than 300 cases across Canada. Advice is provided on behalf of both municipalities and plaintiffs. Our comprehensive understanding of the road, driver and vehicle relationship developed from our safety review analyses is also supported with a thoughtful consideration of human factors in the development and provision of successful traffic operations. Our experience in civil litigation also brings to road safety analyses a diverse perspective to assist in improving road safety and the reduction of claims against road authorities.

AT Traffic Safety Corporation prides itself on thoroughly considering the facts, an intimate knowledge of design standards and current practice, machine and human performance capabilities and quality reporting. In addition, our personnel maintain an ongoing program of research and development in the subject areas of our practice.